Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm a photographer...

...When did that happen?

2009 was known for many things that most of the world it seems would like to forget about. Yet, somehow during all the kerfuffle I stumbled headfirst into the world of photography. It seems I may actually have a knack for the craft of capturing images on film. Notice my use of the word "film." I'm not trying to demean digital photography in any way. It's just that I prefer shooting with the medium of film. I find its analog nature to be more intuitive for some reason. I've known many fine photographers who use digital and it is absolutely the most practical solution for professionals. I'm not at the point yet where I need to hire myself out for weddings, portraits, etc. Maybe soon. I have been featured in three shows so far and I've sold two pieces. I'm making baby steps into this new and exciting world of visual art. Anyways, I might try and use this blog as a forum for presenting and discussing my work online. Facebook has been great for getting my stuff out there, but it feels amateur.

I'll be posting some stuff very soon.


Ian and Ashlie Conway said...

"I'll be posting some stuff very soon."

It's been very soon! I want to see some 'stuff'.


Thomas Hammond said...

Alright, Mr. Smartypants. I just updated.