Friday, September 21, 2007

A Brief History of Time

God creates heaven and earth. God creates man. God delivers the gift of his own creativity and artistic expression to lift Man above the beasts. Man mistakenly creates religion. Man becomes powerful and forgets about God. Man creates war. Man divides himself into christian, atheist, jew, muslim, pagan, etc. Pagan kills Jew. Christian kills Pagan. Muslim kills Jew. Jew kills Muslim. Man destroys himself. God reclaims his tattered canvas that is the earth to paint again another day.

20 million dollars

The going rate for a ticket to the international space station is $20 million. I've decided that if i ever have that much money I'm gonna fly into space and satisfy one of my boyhood dreams that never came true. I understand that it is probably a selfish pursuit. I understand that there are probably better ways for one to spend that much money.

I don't really care.

If i won the lottery and came up short of my $20 million goal, then i'd think about more philanthropic ideas. If i were to find myself with more than the cost of a ticket into space then i would do the same with the remainder left over after space. I figure, I could donate all the money in the world to charity and still not solve the problems of this world. Maybe all it really takes to inspire change is to be a good person and to set a good example for others. The world might be a different place if we had some real leaders and not just men (and women) who do or say anything to indulge themselves with power and influence. These are people who like to see their faces on television and billboards. They get drunk off of the sound of their own voice.

I just want to fly into space and stay there for a couple of days. I would like the see the earth from outside. I want to experience to illusion of weightlessness and the reality of falling into nothing at extreme rates of speed. I want to know what the stars look like from beyond the veil of pollution and human arrogance. I want to travel through time, even if it is just a couple of seconds (proven scientific fact that astronauts travel forward in time every time they orbit the earth). I want to leave this earth, even if just for a couple of days.

Hopefully, the first of many.

I never know how to get these things started. I'm not the writer in the family. I play music. My creative mind seems to be more active the further away i am from a piece of paper.

For the first installment, i feel the need to provide some kind of a justification regarding my entrance into the exciting world of blogging. I've been wanting to keep a blog or a journal or something along those lines for quite some time now. However, the will to do so never seemed to manifest itself into anything real. For much of my life i have allowed myself to get away with not accomplishing most of the things i set out to accomplish. Many of my desires lay dormant in my brain's "to do" file which i am sure is covered by layer upon layer of dust and cobwebs.

However, i have resolved to take control of my life! I have been faced with a number of challenges recently and i believe that it might be worth musing over and reflecting upon them in a forum such as this. I hope to write things that will be of interest to the people of the virtual world. Perhaps i will even learn some things about myself in the process.

Happy Blogging!