Friday, September 21, 2007

Hopefully, the first of many.

I never know how to get these things started. I'm not the writer in the family. I play music. My creative mind seems to be more active the further away i am from a piece of paper.

For the first installment, i feel the need to provide some kind of a justification regarding my entrance into the exciting world of blogging. I've been wanting to keep a blog or a journal or something along those lines for quite some time now. However, the will to do so never seemed to manifest itself into anything real. For much of my life i have allowed myself to get away with not accomplishing most of the things i set out to accomplish. Many of my desires lay dormant in my brain's "to do" file which i am sure is covered by layer upon layer of dust and cobwebs.

However, i have resolved to take control of my life! I have been faced with a number of challenges recently and i believe that it might be worth musing over and reflecting upon them in a forum such as this. I hope to write things that will be of interest to the people of the virtual world. Perhaps i will even learn some things about myself in the process.

Happy Blogging!

1 comment:

Music Librarian said...

Yeay! Thomas blogs.

I'll bookmark you. No pressure to keep producing. :-)